• Hibiki to have a PV

  • Hibiki, a b-side track to Shirushi and part of B-SIDE's tracklist, will be having it's own PV to promote B-SIDE. The PV will make its debut on SPACE SHOWER's 'HITS JAPAN' on May 1st at 2:00pm and on 'BIG HITS' on May 1st at 9:00am

  • Sakurai's secret appearance at GOLDEN CIRCLE vol.10

  • Firstly, GOLDEN CIRCLE vol.10 will be airing on NHK the following dates:
    6/3 (Sunday) 24:00~25:30 (BS Hi)
    6/9 (Saturday) 23:00~24:30 (BS 2)

    Teraoka said they were bringing out a special guest, and out of nowhere Sakurai appeared from the left in a tuxedo with a black bow tie. Everyone in the audience went crazy. He went to talk and hit himself in the nose with the microphone. Apparently people were taken aback by his appearance (I suppose no one expected him to show up, let alone in a tuxedo). Yuming then said she made Sakurai come here (to which Sakurai started laughing). Sakurai then said it was an honor to be on stage with Yuming, to which she said that she felt honored to be on stage with Sakurai

    Sakurai requested they play the song dandelion. He talked about the lyrics of the song and something about it being about a lion in Africa or something.

    For the song Mamotte agetai, Sakurai sang the chorus (You don't have to worry, worry mamotte agetai). Sakurai also tried to get an audience member to sing a part of the chorus in the song. (the person didn't know the lyrics though) (The lyric was "So you don't have to worry, worry") When 'Mamotte agetai' started, Sakurai, yuming and gang started the song in a cappella, singing the following:
    mamotte agetai
    anata wo kurushineru subete kotokara
    Cause I love you, 'Cause I love you

    Next up was DESTINY. Nothing big happened here. Everyone was singing and clapping along.. and singing 'True love, my true love'. I've read 4 other reports and they all say the same thing so.

    Then it's time for the encore. Apparently no one knew Sakurai would be coming back out for the encore, so everyone started screaming when he came back out. He was in the tour t-shirt. For whatever reason there was a basketball hoop on stage and Sakurai made a shot. The song up next was 'Natsu iro' and Sakurai was on the right side of the stage playing his guitar. He was smiling throughtout the performance (and one person said he kept smiling at someone back stage)

    Yuming then announces a new song that has been written for this day and that apparently her, Yobito, and Sakurai wrote the lyrics. And then Yobito said something in a Kansai accent and then looked at Sakurai, to which he replied back in Kansai accent (Yobito was teasing Sakurai about the song). And then they played the song... and after that Sakurai left the stage.

    Other information:
    When Sakurai originally came out the first time apparently a large portion of the audience ran to the front of the stage and according to one person, were all shoving each other to get to the front. This one girl said she had never seen Sakurai in person before and to quote her "He is too good-looking. I fell in love right away" and some other girl said he could kill a girl with his smile... yea. Oh and it seems everyone got depressed when he left the stage after his appearance was over. Overall it seems everyone who's written a recap, was shocked and happy to see Sakurai there, and enjoyed the show a lot.

    Flowers given to GOLDEN CIRCLE from Mr.Children's music label TOY'S FACTORY:

    Outside ZEPP Tokyo:

  • ap bank fes '07 e-mail magazine now up

  • 'Ap bank fes '07' is now starting e-mail magazine registration. Subscribers will recieve the latest news on 'ap bank fes' and additionally news from 'ap bank'.

    ap bank fes '07

  • Irodori to be used in new Olympus E-410 commercial

  • The theme for the campaign will be "GO FIND YOUR WONDERS", which is a key message that Olympus is trying to focus on potential buyers. The story developed is called 'E GOES to WORLD project" in which viewers will follow the commercials actress (Aoi Miyazaki) going on a 'travel of discovery' and taking pictures. The first commercial, which has aired, shows Miyazaki meeting a boy in Okinawa whom she then takes pictures of. The television commercials have begun to air in 7 areas already (Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Sapporo, Sendai, Hiroshima and Fukuoka). A 52 second version of the commercial can be found on Olympus's website, in addition to the 14 and 30 seconds commercials being broadcasted on TV.

    To celebrate Mr.Children's 15th anniversary, Olympus is making a second Irodori PV, that will contain images of pictures people have taken with their E-410 cameras. The theme for the video will be happiness and music's relationship to a person's daily life.

  • MUSICNET magazine poll: What song do you think of when you hear the word 'inu'?

  • 1. NANA Summer girl / Porno Graffitti
    2. papa / ORANGE RANGE
    3. Sakura Yorukaze / Sukima Switch
    4. Kakegae no nai no uta / Kobukuro
    5. Nai / Hitoto Yo
    6. Tagatame / Mr.Children
    7. Mizuiro no SUKAATO / Sukima Switch
    8. Sharin no Uta / BUMP OF CHICKEN
    9. Inu to Tsuki / BONNIE PINK
    10. Wasuremono-bancho / DREAMS COME TRUE

    TOY'S FACTORY (credit goes to kenshiro from JPM) | OLYMPUS E-410 | OLYMPUS press conference | MUSIC NET

  • New Mr.Children song announced!

  • Mr.Children has announced in the May 2007 issue of PATi PATi that they have recorded a new song! They didn't say whether or not they would perform it during the HOME tour though, but knowing them it wouldn't be a surpise. They also didn't say what the name of the song was.

    • Other notes from PATi PATi 05/07 issue:
    • Mr. Fujishiro, who did the photoshoot for this issue, said Jen had an infectious smile.
    • When they first debuted they went on a radio show and didn't know what to say. The DJ of the show was very mad at them because of this.... but they were so nervous they didn't know what to do.
    • The HERO guy named Jake is suppose to be Tahara (doesn't look like him to me though)
    • Sakurai has recently come to like radio interviews in part due to his Bank Band activities. He must interact and talk with guests, so it's helped him.
    • B-SIDE is suppose to cater to fans who liked HOME. It's suppose to be a coupling album
    • There's been a rumor of sorts that during Sakurai's amataur years during the early 1990s, he performed live in polka-dotted pajamas. However Sakurai INSISTS it was NOT a polka-dotted pajama, but it was a shirt! The shirt in question (Sakurai is third from left):

    • Not from this issue but, Sakurai said when he sang Shirushi for the first time he was embarrassed because he felt the lyrics were very personal... especially when he would say 'darling darling'.

  • Mr.Children karaoke songs now available for cell phones

  • DEJIMASU (via PRONWEB Watch) has announced that they will be offering full versions of Mr.Children karaoke songs for cellphones. 'HAPPY! uta FURU' will be available on EZweb(R)i-mode(R). However only the latest songs from Mr.Children will be available.


  • HOME becomes the first million selling album of the year

  • Mr.Children's album HOME has become the first album in Japan this year to surpass the 1 million mark. In less then a month, Mr.Children has managed to sell 1,006,493 copies of HOME

  • MUSICO pays tribute to Mr.Children

  • MUSICO has a special site up now for Mr.Children's 15th Anniversary

  • Haru uta: Best spring songs to listen to

  • 37. Irodori / Mr.Children
    44. innocent world / Mr.Children
    91. Owari Naki Tabi / Mr.Children

  • GOO: Song that you can feel the heart of a broken hearted man

  • 23. Over / Mr.Children

  • Sakurai at GOLDEN CIRCLE vol.10

  • Sakurai made a secret appearance at GOLDEN CIRCLE on April 8th and sung the following songs:

    Yumi Matsutoya, Yohito Teraoka, Yuzu, and him performed the following songs:
    Mamotte agetai

    Then for the encore they, along with Be., performed:
    Natsu iro
    Music (a new song by Matsutoya)

    ORICON | MUSICO | GOO | Haru uta

  • OTHER NEWS: Bank Band

  • Bank Band's song 'Ito' will be used for the TV Drama 'Service dog Musashi ~let's go to school!~'. The drama is based on a true story about a 14 year old girl with spinal cord muscular dystrophy. The girl has become depressed until she meets a service dog, who brings back her smile and reminds her of her feelings and courage. The show will air on Fuji Television Network April 20th 2007 at 9pm.

  • Cover of PATi PATi 05/07 issue:

  • 04.06.07

  • Mr.Children on March 17th's edition of Saturday Storm

  • THE BREEZE | FM yokohama 84.7

  • Mr.Children on THE BREEZE March 20th. Picture is with Miho Kitajima. The staff reported that they were very warm and friendly. Jen enjoyed a cold sake during the show

    On another radio show, the FM802 HOLIDAY SPECIAL au by KDDI presents - MY SPRING STYLE -, the theme of the show was the worries of women and Mr.Children was invited to give a males perspective on the image of women. The program started at 10am, and was 9 hours long, with Mr.Children coming on the show at noon and staying for 40 minutes. They talked about the importance of family, and their strong bond with theirs.

  • mixi users rank HOME songs

  • Mixi users were asked to rank their favorite songs on HOME
    1. Irodori
    2. Another Story
    3. Poketto Kasutanetto
    4. Anmari oboetenai ya
    5. SUNRISE
    6. Motto
    7. Toori ame
    8. Yawarakai Kaze
    9. Wake me up!
    10.PIANO MAN

    USEN Magazine

  • B-SIDE cover revealed!

  • ORICON poll: Traveling: The song that is heard and remembered

  • 【Overall】
    4. Owari Naki Tabi / Mr.Children

    4. Owari Naki Tabi / Mr.Children

    3. Owari Naki Tabi / Mr.Children

    【junior and senior high school students 】
    3. Owari Naki Tabi / Mr.Children

    【university student】
    2. Owari Naki Tabi / Mr.Children

    【People in their 20s】
    3. Owari Naki Tabi / Mr.Children

    【People in their 30s】
    4. Owari Naki Tabi / Mr.Children

  • ORICON: Song that encourages me when I am depressed because of part-time job

  • 4. Owari Naki Tabi / Mr.Children

  • Mr.Children: This month's pick-up artist

  • USEN440 had declared Mr.Children artist of the month and will be dedicating 6 hours worth of programs to the group. The show will taking a look back at Mr.Children's discography and 15 years and will spend 6 hours talking about selected songs throughout their career.

    TOY'S FACTORY | ORICON: Poll 1 | ORICON: Poll 2 | USEN440

  • Mr.Children "HOME" TOUR 2007 - in the field - OFFICIAL TOUR schedule is up!

  • The official schedule for Mr.Children's stadium tour -in the field- is now up. Check the website for dates. The arena tour apparently is not the official HOME tour, but more of an extra

    Mr.Children "HOME" TOUR 2007 - in the field -

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