• Songs I'd like to hear in the summer

  • 11. See-Saw Game ~yuukan na koi no uta~ / Mr.Children
    35. Mirai / Mr.Children

    Music Station

  • ORICON HOME TOUR special page up

  • The HOME tour has been successful and the message the album carries is strong. "'HOME' is an album that draws close to everyone's life". This is also the first time Kobayashi Takeshi has participated in a Mr.Children tour as a musician. All the musicians who are playing for the HOME Tour are only those that participated with the making of the album. For the Yokohama performance, where the group performed for 15,000 fans, the band was in the center of the arena with fans surrounding 360 around the stage. Overall everything went well, and people could feel close to the band. The reporter says he'll remember this show and will never forget no matter how much time will pass from here on:

    "When having heard the album "HOME" and then having heard their songs suddenly in this town, even if I return to a usual life, am busy with work, study and daily business, and forget it, the memory and feeling will be warm in my heart, like the wind blowing. I think the album "HOME" and "HOME TOUR" are a place which have become such an important existence for everyone".

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  • ORICON Poll: Song I'd like to hear when chasing after a dream

  • 1. ZARD - Makenaide
    2. Mr.Children - Owari naki tabi
    3. Takako Okamura - Yume wo akira menai de
    4. Hideaki Tokunaga - Yume wo shinjite
    5. Bakufu Slump - Slump
    6. Yuzu - Eiko no kakehashi
    - Kobukuro - YELL
    8. Ulfuls - Gattsu da ze
    9. Noriyuki Makihara - Donna tokimo
    10. Koda Kumi - WIND


  • Sakurai reconstructs residence for child

  • The power of popular band Mr.Children, which celebrated their 15th debut anniversary, doesn't stop. The album ‘B-SIDE’ which was put on the market May 10th, has sold 360,000 copies. Moreover, the album ‘HOME’ put on the market in March this year has sold 1.1 million copies or more now and also became the first million hitting album this year. It is expected that Sakurai has earned an estimated 4 billion yen or more including CD, a ringtone, and karaoke etc. royalties until now. A property real estate estimation isn't complete. It is 11 years ago that he established a 300 million yen luxurious residence near his parents home in Tokyo. Real estate was purchased along with an apartment in Kanagawa, a house in Tokyo, and another in Yamagata which is near his mothers family home. It is said that their total value is 1.2 billion yen. Addtionally Sakurai has started remodeling his home in Tokyo in April which was purchased in 2003. The reason is Mika Yoshino is pregnant with a third child and the current nursery/child room is insufficient. The house that is being worked on was built 6 years ago.

  • ORICON poll: Artist I want to sing at my wedding

  • 1. Mr.Children (in article readers wanted Dakishemetai to be played)
    2. Kobukuro
    4. B’z
    5. SMAP
    6. Hamasaki Ayumi
    7. Glay
    8. Southern All Stars
    - aiko
    10. Amuro Namie
    - Yuzu
    - Fukuyama Masaharu

  • MUSICNET: Song that I want to throw at wedding:

  • 1. Keita Tachibana - Kimi no koe
    2. Porno Graffitti – June Brider
    3. GLAY - Zutto Futari de...
    4. Orange Range – Hana
    5. w-inds – This time ~negai~
    6. Kobukuro - Towa ni tomo ni
    7. UVERworld – 51%
    8. The Gospellers - Towani
    9. UVERworld – Kimi no suki na uta
    10. Mr.Children - Simple

  • ORICON poll: Ideal father image

  • Top 5:
    1. Kuwata Keisuke
    2. Fukuyama Masaharu
    3. Kimura Takuya
    4. Kazutoshi Sakurai
    5. Kazumasa Oda

    Yahoo! Japan | ORICON | MUSICNET | ORICON (Poll Two)

  • Mr.Children performs for 15,000 fans at Yokohama arena

  • Mr.Children, which met their 15th anniversary debut, performed at the Yokohama arena on June 7th, 2007 to an excited crowd of 15,000 people. Their original album for the year 'HOME' has recorded sales of 1,380,000 with their B-SIDE compilation recording sales of 630,000. An excited Kazutoshi Sakurai said to the crowd during the concert "I finally returned (to a hometown)". 23 songs were done during the almost 3 hour show. The tour will gather 150,000 people in 7 different cities. The official tour, a stadium tour, is planned to start August 4th and will tour 9 cities.

    Daily Sports Online | Nikkan Sports (Article One) | Nikkan Sports (Article Two) | Yomiuri | Sponichi |

  • Song people want to be played at their friends wedding

  • 1. Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi - Kanpai
    2. Kobukuro - Towa ni tomo ni
    3. Amuro Namie - Can you celebrate?
    4. Kiroro - Best friend
    5. Mr.Children - Dakishimetai
    6. Remioromen - Sangatsu kokonoka
    7. CHERISH - Tentou mushi no samba
    8. Ulfuls - BANZAI
    9. Hitoto Yo - Hana mizuki
    10. Mr.Children - Shirushi
    GLAY - Zutto Futari de...
    Ketsumeishi - Shiawase wo Arigatou


  • GOO users rank top 30 favorite songs

  • 1. Tomorrow never knows
    2. Na mo naki uta
    3. innocent world
    4. Shirushi
    5. Dakishimetai
    6. See-Saw Game ~yuukan na koi no uta~
    8. Owari naki tabi
    9. Kimi ga suki
    10. Hana -Memento-Mori-
    11. Sign
    12. Kurumi
    13. everybody goes -chitsujo no nai gendai ni drop-kick-
    14. 【es】 ~Theme of es~
    15. Kimi ga ita natsu
    16. HERO
    17. Houkiboshi
    18. Yasashii uta
    19. Kuchibue
    20. Everything (It’s you)
    21. Nishi e higashi e
    22. Tenohira
    23. FAKE
    24. youthful days
    25. Hikari no sasu hou e
    26. Replay
    27. Mirai
    28. Any
    29. Machine gun wo buppanase -Mr. Children Bootleg-
    30. NOT FOUND


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