• Mr.Children talk about "HOME" in MTV Japan special

  • 2007/04/12 @ 20:00~20:30

    Other airings:
    2007/04/13 @ 17:30~18:00
    2007/04/14 @ 11:30~12:00
    2007/04/15 @ 15:30~16:00

  • Ongaku to hito May 2007 issue

  • 03.28.07
  • ap bank fes' is back!

  • Festival will be taking place on July 14th, 15th, and 16th of 2007

  • New ORICON poll:

  • When you're feeling down at work, which song cheers you up?
    01 - ZARD - Makenaide
    02 - Daniel Powter - Bad Day
    03 - Ulfulus - Guts Daze !
    04 - Mr.Children - Owarinaki Tabi
    05 - Aqua Timez - Ketsui no Asa ni
    05 - YUI - Rolling Star

    ap bank fes' official site | ORICON (credit goes to Mr_Children @ JPM)

  • HOME dominates the chart with a second #1 week

  • Mr.Children's HOME has taken the #1 spot again selling 181,000 copies with week bringing the grand total to 874,000 copies sold in two weeks. It has been 5 years 8 months since Mr.Children was last able to have a consecutive 2 week #1 spot. The last time was with 'Mr.Children 1992-1995'. It has also been 12 years 6 months since an original album by them has held down the #1 spot for two weeks. Last album to do so was Atomic Heart.


  • HOME takes #1 for the week again on ORICON

  • ORICON has announced that HOME will be retaining it's number one position on the charts for its second week.

  • Song you want to sing at karaoke place to charm a girl

  • 8. Dakishimetai / Mr.Children
    17 . Kimi ga Suki / Mr.Children

  • Celebrity ranking based on the word Sakura

  • 5. Kazutoshi Sakurai

    ORICON | Goo (Poll 1) | Goo (Poll 2)

  • MUSICO interviews Mr.Children

  • MUSICO has done an interview with Mr.Children regarding new album HOME

  • Yahoo JAPAN! reports on Mr.Children's double win at Space Shower

  • Sources:
    MUSICO | Yahoo JAPAN!

  • Mr.Children 50 million sellers

  • HOME has debuted with sales of 693,000 copies placing Mr.Children into the 50 million copy artist category. They had single sales of 26,947,000 and album sales of 23,688,000. With the release of HOME their total sales combined is now at 50,635,000

  • Mr.Children wins at SPACE SHOWER Music Awards '07

  • Mr.Children has won two awards at SS MVA '07:



    *Credit to LNany @ JPM Forum for the image

    ORICON (credit to Dreamlike @ JPM)

  • Mr.Children’s 13th original album runs away with 1st place!

  • Mr.Children which greets their 15th anniversary debut this May, entered a landslide victory toward album ranking first place acquisition for the week.

  • ORICON – HOME Special Issue –

  • ORICON reviews HOME, calling the album a “very gentle and warm album”

  • BARKS interviews Mr.Children

  • Interview done by Barks. Apparently in the DVD Sakurai said “ミスチは暖かいバンドじゃなかった” (Mr.Children is not a warm band)

  • Weekly PIA 3.22 issue

  • Sources:
    ORICON | ORICON - HOME Special - | BARKS.jp

  • Interview with Yahoo!

  • A new interview with Mr.Children has been published at Yahoo JAPAN! where the members talk about their new album HOME

    Yahoo JAPAN!

  • ! NEW ALBUM - B-SIDE !

  • Mr.Children will greet their 15th Anniversary debut on May 10, 2007. The album "B-SIDE" is to be released on their debut day May 10th. Vocalist Sakurai will be commenting on all 20 pieces in this NEW ALBUM, which contains songs that were not collected on any album until now. The album will place songs in chronological order that have been collected in various singles as coupling songs that represents their brilliant history of 15 years.

    This work called "B-SIDE" was suggested by Sakurai during the recording of the newest original album HOME around last summer. Another Story, Motto, Yawarakai kaze, and Anmari oboetenai ya which are on HOME, were songs that Sakurai had written as potential coupling songs for the Shirushi single. That natural feeling and the desire that arose in nonchalant daily life were questioned with “What is a coupling?” from the group. Doubt was born. Some of these old songs would be listened to again, and we would find ourselves saying “it’s also a favorite song!” And thus from the latest album HOME, the B-SIDE was created.

    After a certain time, their title tracks started to dictate an overall "theme" on how there should be a "Mr.Children and their meaning in music” feeling that someone should have on themselves, and there has always been an expectation of "a change from previous work" and "the role they play as Mr.Children" that has been expected by many music fans. Their works have been raised to their own stage while receiving high literary evaluation and an artistry evaluation. However, Mr.Children keeps challenging themselves by always continuing to fight on the stage which pushes up on their back, and to accomplish their roles as a musician up to the present, which they feel to be compensation for the commercial success they have received. A lot of the feelings and desires which have shaped them come from these coupling songs.

    - An historic "beat" lasting for Mr.Children’s 15 years will be felt by listening to this work
    - In addition, enclosed is self liner notes and a lyric book written by Kazutoshi Sakurai and band members, who wrote it while loving each song one after the other
    - Please stay tuned to all the new information on Mr.Children that will be coming out in the year 2007!

  • NEW STADIUM TOUR! "HOME TOUR 2007 - in the field -"

  • New stadium tour to be held From August 4th till September 30th 2007. Visit official site for dates!

    Toy's Factory | Mr.Children "HOME" TOUR 2007

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  • ORICON NINKI POLL on HOME interest

  • Light purple = People who will buy the album
    Dark crimson purple = People who are hesitant

    ORICON (Credit: Mr_Children @ JPM forum)

  • HOME promotion part 2 -updates-

  • <WEB>
    ●03/15(木)Yahoo!MUSIC MAGAZINE

    ●03/10(土)NACK5「J-POP MAGAZINE」
    ●03/11(日)AIR-G「特番『MR.CHILDREN SPECIAL -HOME-』」
    ●03/11(日)FM NORTH「特番『Mr.Children~HOME~』」
    ●03/12(月)fm fukuoka「スマッシュ・ウェイヴ」
    ●03/13(火)ZIP-FM「Mr.Children DAY」

  • Rockin' on JAPAN 04/07 issue

  • ORICON POLL: Artist you want to sing at your graduation ceremony

  • 1. kobukuro
    2. Mr.Children
    3. Moriyama Naotaro
    4. YUI
    5. Remioromen
    6. Yuzu
    7. Ketsume
    8. EXILE

  • MTV Vol.066 issue

  • MEN'S NON・NO 04/07 issue

  • Sources:
    Official Site | ORICON

  • HOME promotion

  • Television:
    3/01 「Hits Express」 (MJTV 11:00~)
    3/08 「ZOOM」 (SSTV 22:00~23:00)
    3/11 Music Lovers(日テレ 23:30~24:20)/観覧募集は終了
    3/14 Mr.Children ミュージック・ビデオ special(MTV 21:00~22:00)
    3/16 Music Station(テレ朝 20:00~21:54)
    3/17 「in Focus」 (M-ON!TV 10:00~11:00)
    3/18 「V.I.P.Mr.Children powered by MUSIC OCEAN」(SSTV 20:00~21:00)
    3/23 僕らの音楽3(フジテレビ 23:30~24:00)
    3/27 春うた2007(NHK総合 19:30~)
    3/30 チャートコバーン(SSTV 18:30~)

    2/14 WHAT's IN?
    2/20 SWITCH
    2/20 Rocking JAPAN
    2/24 月刊テレビジョン4月号
    2/27 LuckyRaccoon
    2/28 papyrus
    3/02 R&R NEWSMAKER
    3/05 TOWER「HOME特集記事」/タワレコのフリーペーパー
    3/10 MEN'S NON-NO 4月号
    3/14 別冊カドカワ(Mr.children特集)
    3/14 CD DATA
    3/14 WHAT's IN?
    3/20 Rocking JAPAN

    3/03 「J-POP MAGAZINE」(FM NACK5 12:00~12:50)
    3/06 「爆笑問題カーボーイ」(TBS 25:00~27:00)
    3/10 「J-POP MAGAZINE」(FM NACK5 12:00~12:50)
    3/11 「Mr.Children スペシャル」(FM北海道 19:00~20:00)
    3/13 「Mr.Children DAY」(ZIP-FM 6:00~25:00)
    3/19 「DESIGN THE NIGHT」(FM802 24:00~26:00)
    3/20 「DESIGN THE NIGHT」(FM802 24:00~26:00)
    3/21 「DESIGN THE NIGHT」(FM802 24:00~26:00)
    3/21 「HOLIDAY SPECIAL My Spring Style」 (FM802 10:00~16:30)
    3/22 「DESIGN THE NIGHT」(FM802 24:00~26:00)

  • Lucky Raccoon Vol. 21

  • TOWER March 2007 issue

  • 03.03.07
  • Papyrus 04/2007 cover

  • R&R NEWSMAKER 03/2007 cover

  • 03.02.07
  • HOME album previews available

  • Previews of HOME are now available at the official site

  • Mr.Children HOME TOUR 2007 MAIL NEWS

  • Mr.Children's tour website is now offering a e-mail news service for free with the latest news regarding the tour

  • MUSICO selling early sales for HOME tour tickets

  • Time: March 10th (Saturday) @12:00 through March 15th (Thursday) @ 18:00
    Registration is required prior to applying for tickets, because it is limited to MUSICO members only

  • AP BANG Tokyo environmental conference vol.1

  • Several artists will be appearing at the AP BANG Tokyo environmental conference. This AP BANG is a new idea and thus this is their first year doing it. It will be an indoor club style event. A variety of singers, bands, and DJ's will be attending including Koda Kumi, GAKU-MC, Crystal Kay, etc... Tickets go on sale Saturday, March 3.

  • New ORICON poll

  • Which artist do you want to sing an "examination support song" ?

    Overall results:
    01 - Kobukuro
    02 - Mr.Children
    03 - ayaka, BUMP OF CHICKEN
    05 - Porno Graffitti, Sukima Switch, SMAP
    08 - Otsuka Ai
    09 - Kimura Kaela, Yuzu

    Male result :
    01 - Mr.Children
    02 - Kobukuro
    03 - Otsuka Ai
    04 - ayaka
    05 - B'z
    06 - Kimura Kaela, Yuzu, BUMP OF CHICKEN
    09 - RADWIMPS
    10 - Shounan no Kaze, aiko, SMAP, Sukima Switch

    Female result :
    01 - Kobukuro
    02 - Porno Graffitti, BUMP OF CHICKEN
    04 - ayaka
    05 - Sukima Switch, SMAP, Mr.Children
    08 - Remioromen, w-inds., Wat, TOKIO, NEWS, KAT-TUN

    Official Site | HOME 2007 TOUR | MUSICO | AP BANG! | ORICON (and Mr_Children from the JPM thread)

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