• Irodori 'another music video' now has an air date!

  • 'Irodori' is currently being used as the Olympus E-410 "E GOES to WORLD project" theme song. The new music video for the song will consist of fan pictures taken with their cameras. The pictures will correlate with the lyrics in the song. The PV will be broken into 3 parts. From now until June 30th a 1 minute and 38 second preview can be seen. In July, 3 minutes and 31 seconds will be able to be seen and finally in September the full 5 minutes and 31 seconds music video can be viewed.


  • 'Music' to be released as a single in July

  • The song 'Music' which was performed at GOLDEN CIRCLE vol.10 will be released as a single on July 11th. While Kazutoshi Sakurai participated for the live version of the song, he will not participate for the recording (unless he ends up becoming a surprise guest singer), but he did help write the lyrics to the song. The single will have a limited edition with a DVD that contains a PV for the song and live footage of the broadcasting.

  • ap bank fes. website updated

  • ap bank fes.'s website has been updated with magazine and radio promotion for the concert.

    ORICON | ap bank fes. '07

  • The truth about Kazutoshi Sakurai's past is revealed

  • In the May 29th, 2007 issue of FLASH magazine, Kazutoshi Sakurai's childhood is revealed. The magazine talks with friends and classmates from when he was a small child through high school. One of the members of BOOWY was also a classmate of Kazutoshi's and some of the artists he listened to the most were the ECHOES, Yutaka Ozaki, and Akimi Inoue. The magazine also states Kazutoshi's estimated royalty earnings to be 3,600,000,000 yen. In the magazine a man (with his young son) recalls running into Kazutoshi at a convenience store. "My son is a Mr.Children fan. I still remember when we meet "Sakurai-kun" by chance in the convenience store. He patted my son on the head while I smiled... though he seemed somewhat worried (about the future)."

    FLASH magazine

  • Mr.Children becomes the #1 male group

  • With the first place weekly position of B-SIDE, Mr.Children has taken over GLAY to become the #1 male group (with more then 3 members) with with most #1 albums.


  • Mr.Children in WHAT'S IN 06/07 issue

  • 05.11.07
  • Yahoo Japan! users rank B-SIDE songs

  • 01. Kurumi - for the Film - Koufuku na Shokutaku (1135 votes)
    02. Hana (501 votes)
    03. Hibiki (458 votes)
    04. Tabibito (438 votes)
    05. Ame nochi hare -remix version- (276 votes)
    06. Derumo (244 votes)
    07. Mata aeru kana (223 votes)
    08. 1999 Nen, Natsu, Okinawa (217 votes)
    09. Kimi no koto igai wa nani mo kangaerarenai (180 votes)
    10. Heavenly kiss (174 votes)
    11 Hokorobi (166 votes)
    12. Konna fuu ni hidoku mushiatsui hi (83 votes)
    13. my confidence song (54 songs)
    14. Mousou mangetsu (39 votes)
    15. Love is Blindness (38 votes)
    16. hitori goto (37 votes)
    17. I'm sorry (35 votes)
    18. Sayonara 2001 nen (35 votes)
    19. my sweet heart (32 votes)
    20. Fragile (28 votes)

  • MUSICO 05-04-07 concert report of HOME ARENA TOUR

  • MUSIC has done a concert report of the HOME TOUR and has also released images from the concert:


  • HOME TOUR Sapporo performances re-scheduled

  • Instead of refunding tickets, Mr.Children has re-scheduled the Sapporo performances. The May 12th show will be held on June 22nd and the May 13th show will be held on June 23rd. Ticket holders will be allowed to exchange their tickets for the respective dates

    Mr.Children HOME TOUR website (credit goes to Mr_Children from JPM)

  • HOME TOUR Sapporo performances scheduled for Saturday May 12th and Sunday on the 13th have been CANCELED due to Suzuki Hideya injury

  • The Sapporo performance scheduled for Saturday, May 12th and Sunday on the 13th have been CANCELED due to Suzuki Hideya injuring his left hand.

    According to official an announcement left by Suzuki on TOY'S FACTORY's he made the mistake of touching a ventilator (that he said was installed by his own carelessness) when he was sitting down to have a meal after the Fukuoka performance on May 5th, and injured his left index finger which required 4 stitches.

    After discussing with staff members and the other band members, they decided he needs to be careful for the time being, and thus everyone decided it was best for them to cancel the Sapporo performances scheduled for Saturday May 12th and Sunday on the 13th.

    Those who have already purchased their tickets (Which sucks since the tour is sold out) will recieve information on May 11th at the HOME TOUR website to recieve a refund for their ticket. After Suzuki's hand is better they will make a decision in regards to another Sendai performance.

    Suzuki also says he regrets everyone having to wake up this morning and read the news on his carelessness, but that he is making an effort to have a fast recovery

    And straight from Suzuki: "I deeply apologize to everybody who is a fan of Mr.Children, everybody who bought a ticket and the those who are greatly concerned and are worried about this"


  • ORICON poll: What CD by what artist do you want to listen to willing driving in the car with a woman? (asked to men)

    2. Ai Otsuka
    4. L'arc~en~Ciel
    5. Mr.Children
    6. SPITZ / Porno Graffitti
    8. Southern All Stars
    9. Aiko
    10. ORANGE RANGE / Koda Kumi


  • NINKI ranking for B-SIDE

  • Mr.Children releases "B-SIDE" on May 10th to mark their debut day following "HOME" which became the first million breakthrough work this year. This 2-disc 20 song album topped the NINKI album ranking. Those in their 20s have the greatest in the album (of course) with 66% of men and 63.8% of women being interested in purchasing the album.


  • ap bank fes. '07 information up!

  • ap bank fes. '07's site has been updated with ticket information and a new website layout

    ap bank fes '07

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