• medeia no nae toko [ap bank fes '07] on TV

  • Medeia no nae toko [ap bank fes '07] will be airing on Fuji TV November 06, 2007 from 26:58 - 27:58 thus making it only one hour long

  • Mr.Children radio appearance

  • Mr.Children will be on TOKYO-FM 'yamadahisashi no rajian rimiteddo DX' October 29, 2007 to promote 'Tabidachi no uta' and their new DVD. TOKYO-FM's on air time is from 25:00- 27:00.

  • Koizora commentary SP

  • Sakurai will making comments about the movie and new single on a Koizora commentary SP airing on TBS October 28, 2007 from 16:00 - 16:30. The program will have numerous re-airing dates till November 4.

  • CDTV appearance

  • Mr.Children will appear on the November 10, 2007 episode of CDTV along with Japanese pop group w-inds. The show will air from 24:55 - 25:40.

    Fuji TV | TOKYO-FM yamadahisashi no rajian rimiteddo DX | Nifty.com | CDTV

  • Tabidachi no uta PV preview available

  • For Mr.Children fans living in Japan, Yahoo! Japan now has a 45 second preview of the PV to 'Tabidachi no uta' up at their website

  • Music Station appearance

  • Mr.Children will be appearing on the November 2, 2007 episode of Music Station. No confirmation on what song they'll be playing, but it will most liking be 'Tabidachi no uta'

  • Tabidachi no uta second tie-in

  • In addition to its movie tie-in, 'Tabidchi no uta' will also be used to promote NTT Higashi Nihon, a telephone company. The commercial will begin airing on October 26, 2007. The commercial is already available for viewing at the company's official website

    Yahoo! Japan | Music Station official website | NTT-East.co.jp (credit to everyone @ JPM)

  • ap bank in TIME magazine

  • Ap Bank has graced the October 29, 2007 issue of TIME Magazine Europe, Asia, and South Pacific editions. The bank, along with Kobayashi Takeshi and Kazutoshi Sakurai, were named one of the "Heroes of the Environment":

    Kazutoshi Sakurai and Takeshi Kobayashi

    Ask most rock stars to pitch in for the environment, and they might pen you a pop tune. Kazutoshi Sakurai and Takeshi Kobayashi can do that Sakurai is the lead singer of Mr. Children, the second highest-selling rock band in Japanese history, and Kobayashi is one of Japan's top music producers. But the two know that We Are the World can only do so much to save the earth environmental solutions also need cold, hard cash.

    That's where AP Bank the name stands for Artists' Power or Alternative Power comes in. Together with the Japanese composer Ryuichi Sakamoto, Sakurai and Kobayashi in 2003 founded and funded the nonprofit lending group, which finances environmentally friendly projects. The three men personally provided nearly $1 million of seed money (Sakamoto has since stepped back from the venture as he now spends much of his time abroad), which is channeled to small-scale, sustainable schemes that mainstream banks would typically shun in favor of lending to bigger, stodgier companies. The bank has provided money for projects ranging from a recycling program in the far south of Kyushu to the construction of an eco-resort in the Marshall Islands. "When I thought about what I could do as an individual, the environment came up," says Kobayashi, AP Bank's president. "Money for the sake of money isn't great, but money is a tool, and people can use it as a community."

    Kobayashi and Sakurai are decent bankers it helps that they have a former manager at the monster Japanese lender Sumitomo Mitsui on board but they're better musicians, so they've augmented AP Bank's lending program with an annual festival designed to raise money and awareness for the environment. Japan's pampered pop stars might not have as finely tuned a sense of activism as those in the U.S. and Europe, but Kobayashi and Sakurai have the clout to draw their peers and their multitudes of fans toward environmentalism and to demonstrate how much can be achieved when celebrities find innovative uses for their fame. "I think that because they started this movement, it's helped ordinary folks become aware of environmental problems and finance," says Kazuyuki Tsuchiya of the green group A Seed Japan. It's the least a couple of rock-star bankers can do.

  • 'Itsudemo hohoemi wo' to promote new commercial

  • 'Itsudemo hohoemi wo' will be used in commercials to promote Sompo Japan Insurance Inc. The commercial will start airing nationwide on October 27, 2007.

    Sompo Japan.co.jp | TIME Magazine

  • Mr.Children's 'Dakishimetai' to be covered

  • Ryuichi Kawamura's 'Evergreen' anniversary edition album is set to be re-released on December 5, 2007 and will include his cover of Mr.Children's song 'Dakishimetai'.

  • Mr.Children's doubles annual income in two days

  • Mr.Children managed to double their annual income in two days thanks to the last two days of their -in the field- tour on September 29 and September 30. Between the two days 80,000 people attended the shows which ended up exceeding 64 million yen, and is the result known as the "Mr.Children Kouka", or Mr.Children effect. Residents of Osaka who live near Nagai Stadium were intially concerned that the large scale of the concert would cause disruption to the neighborhood, but as one resident was quoted as saying "(I) heard it while drinking beer on the veranda. It was a welcoming mood."

    Kawamura-fc.com | Asashi News

  • Mr.Children television appearances

  • Mr.Children' will be appearing on 'Koi uta 2007' on November 16, 2007 and 'Ongaku senshi MUSIC FIGHTER' on October 26, 2007.

    Official Website (credit to radwimp @ JPM)

  • Official website update

  • Mr.Children's website has been updated with new previews for the upcoming single, cover for the HOME TOUR 2007 DVD, and a new flash intro.

    Official Website (credit to dreamlike and mr.children @ JPM)

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