• Mr.Children -in the field- tour report

  • ORICON has released a tour report of -in the field-. The reporter Matsuura talks about the differences between the two tours and the atmosphere the stadium tour had. When Tabidachi no uta started to play, she remarks that when the lyrics to the song were impressive.

    ORICON (credit to mr.children @ JPM)

  • Mr.Children TV appearance

  • Mr.Children will be appearing on the October 05, 2007 episode of Music Station. No word on what song they will perform, but it will most likely be 'Tabidachi no uta'.

  • Mr.Children magazine appearance

  • Mr.Children will be appearing in the October and November issue of WHAT'S IN magazine. They will be the feature artist for the November issue.

    Music Station (credit to radwimp @ JPM)

  • - New Mr.Children single! --

  • OUT: 2007/10/31
    1,200 yen
    Tabidachi no uta - theme song for the movie 'Koizora'

    01. Tabidachi no uta
    02. Hitsuji , hoeru
    03. Itsudemo hohoemi wo (from HOME TOUR 2007.06.15 NAGOYA)

  • - New Mr.Children DVD --

  • Source:
    Official Website (credit to karice1205 @ JPM)

  • New Bank Band song -Harumatsu Ibuki-

  • On September 1, 2007 Bank Band released a "download only" new song titled 'Harumatsu Ibuki'. The song will be used as the theme song for the movie 'Midnight eagle' opening in theaters on November 23. The lyrics were written by Kazutoshi Sakurai with the song being composed by Kobayashi Takeshi. Part of the profits from the song will be donated to people affected by the Nigata earthquake, with the rest of the profits going to fund more projects at ap bank.

    Official Website | BARKS | ORICON (credit goes to mr.children, Suzuki, and everyone at JPM)

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