• Sakurai to appear at ‘Lucky Raccoon Night Vol.2’

  • Sakurai will be appearing at ‘Lucky Raccoon Night Vol.2’ on May 26th 2008 and May 28th 2008. He will be accompanied by KAN, where he and KAN will once again take on the appearances of a pilot and flight attendant. Both artists appeared at Lucky Raccoon Night Vol. 1 as the same characters. Tickets will go on sale April 27th 2008.

    From Lucky Raccoon Night Vol. 1:

    Lucky Raccoon Official Website

  • ap bank fes. '07 loses 126 million yen

  • Following the cancelation of two concert dates due to a typhoon, ap bank has released a spending a report announcing the festival ended with a 126 million yen deficit.

    The fes. made 693,927,000 yen in 'one day only' ticket sales, and 31,482,000 yen in '3 day' ticket sales. 77,103 one day tickets were sold and 1,166 3 days ticket were sold. Due to the typhoon, ap bank refunded 49,930 one day tickets and 1,136 3 days tickets for a grand total of 469,818,000 yen in refunds. The festival also sold 563 eco-reso camp tickets for a total of 2,815,000 yen. In total ap bank made 453,656,993 yen in ticket sales/merchants booths/etc.. However the cost to run the festival/staff/etc.. was 579,809,554 yen leaving the festival with a deficit of 126,152,561 yen.

    For ap bank fes. '06, the bank managed to sell 771,835,775 yen in ticket sales, merchant tables, etc.. and paid only 585,105,519 in production, artist, staff costs, etc.. to garner a profit of 186,730,156 yen for additional project funding.

    There is no word yet on how ap bank plans to recoup the loss.

  • ap bank fes. 2008 sponsorship

  • This years ap bank fes. ’08 will be sponsored by Hudson. Hudson is a game content distributor for mobile phones and manages gaming sites such as ‘Chakuapu Bomberman’ and ‘Momotaro Dentetsu’. They also develop and sell PC based games, develop game content for game consoles, in addition to working on outside contracted production for various company branded games.
    This is the second year ap bank fes. will be sponsored by a company dealing with gaming, in addition to it being the second year in general for the festival being sponsored.

    ap bank fes. '07 | Hudson.co.jp

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