• A rare Mr.Children performance to re-air on TV

  • On April 9, 2008 Fuji TV, from 19:00-19:50, will be re-airing the first episode of the TV show 'HIT STUDIO R&N'. The show originally aired on October 13, 1989 and included a live TV performance by Mr.Children singing their indie song 'Kono ame agare'. As suggested by the date, this live performance was done before Mr.Children officially debuted as a group with Toy's Factory.

    HIT STUDIO R&N Official Website

  • Ohyama Yurika to sing 'Sign'

  • Ohyama Yurika will be releasing a new album titled 'COVERS FOR LOVERS ~Yurika Sings J Love Songs~'. The album will be released on April 23, 2008 and will contain a cover of Mr.Children's 'Sign'.

    Ohyama Yurika Official Website

  • About the title HOME

  • Not necessarily news, but something of interest to read:
    Sakurai: The title of “HOME MADE” or “Home ground” or such feeling was imaged at first because I wanted to say it’s an album by which the body temperature of a person is felt, where you can say it was made by hand. However, there was a feeling that it would be limited by this, and so “HOME” was finally decided.

    Kazutoshi Sakurai, vocalist that handles words/music/song, talked about the reason to decide the title of this album in this manner. Now since it becomes Mr.Children’s 13th original album in an interval of one and a half years since the former work, the title of this work is "HOME". HOME WORK which shows homework, HOME MADE with a sense of being homemade, HOME GROUND which points to a home base, HOME IN with a meaning of returning, and the household which is the original meaning, family and home... which shows a place to return. Various words are applied around it, and behind that, bring various shades of meaning to every case and this word. However, it is a fact strongly to feel that all of these become one atmosphere somehow. Yes, it makes that peculiar atmosphere that has a feeling of a life that warmly comes to mind in every language.


  • New songs announced

  • Mr.Children will be releasing a new song titled 'Shounen' to be used as the theme song to the NHK drama 'battery' which will air on April 3, 2008. Another new song by the group has also been selected to be used as the NHK Peking Olympic Broadcast theme song in August. No announcement has been made yet on a physical CD release date for either song.

    Battery Official Website | Oricon | Mr.Children's Official Website (Credit goes to Mr_Children @ JPM)

  • New album information

  • According to fans who have recieved the latest issue of Father&Mother (issue 50):
    - Composition music for a new album is done. They (or should I say Sakurai) is currently working on the lyrics for the songs.
    - The new album is scheduled to be released by early next year at the latest
    - They are, of course, going to do a tour for the album
    - The photoshoot for the Tabidachi no uta promotional images was done at Haneda Airport Station of Tokyo International Airport
    - Mr.Children's fanclub currently has 80,000 members

    Fans who have received their issue of Father&Mother

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