• Sakurai answers questions -Part 2-

  • Ap bank radio has updated their website with questions Sakurai answered on the show. He was on the show twice on April 26th and May 3rd. The focus of this discussion was on ap bank and ap bank fes. Below are some of the questions from his May 3rd appearance: (please note, I claim to be no translating expert)

    1. The expectation for this year? "I think it's better not to wish for anything this year. There's nothing I wish for, but if I can play there, there is music, and there are smiling faces even if a little rain falls, then there is no greater luxury."
    2. Changes from the past. "I think it's become cheerful." He also mentions the soccer team and how it's at its biggest right now. "I'm a person who can't associate with other people really well. (There's) only a specific female person I've associated with for a long time. There are hardly any male friends from the time of high school." He says in high school the friends he had were more on a professional level because he was doing music. And so he doesn't know how to have actual male friends that aren't based on a professional level of some sort. So thanks to the soccer team they have he's able to experience the other side.
    3. What do you imagine 10 years in the future. "I'd like to consider music number one above all." But he also says he'd like to "return the benefit" he's received from music as much as possible.
    4. A self-sufficient life. Says he'd like to live modestly and realizes the benefits received from nature. On a different note, he makes and delivers his music on his computer, and so in that respect it's a kind of self-sufficiency.
    5. On the process of 'Kino no no, ashita no yes'. When he was playing soccer he received the CD from GAKU-MC and he thoughy the digital musical instrument and rap used was interesting, he took it to Mr.Children to have a listen, and then Bank Band decided to play it during a small club live. "I'm usually the person who sings, so rapping the melody was a bit strange." So he thought of the song as a song and not a rap.

    ap bank radio

  • Sakurai answers questions

  • Ap bank radio has updated their website with questions Sakurai answered on the show. He was on the show twice on April 26th and May 3rd. The following questions below are from his April 26th appearance: (please note, I claim to be no translating expert)

    1. What would you do on the day the world ended? His response: "Family and party, right? (I would) drink, sing, and play soccer. I'd like to have a good time."
    2. Something that I (have and) love? His initial response was that he didn't understand the concept of love. Like it's narcissism or something to love this and that. Then the questioner brought up the birth of a child, like GAKU-MC's child, to which Sakurai replied that it would be the birth of his second son, where his first son cut the umbilical cord.
    3. Bringing up a child in the Sakurai family? He says he wants his children to become a "genius" in their own right. Like people would think because he's in the music business his kids would do that to. He doesn't want that. He wants them to do what they will enjoy. He also wants happy children that have hearts where they can be happy anywhere (I think I making sense here)
    4.On his favorite book "Children of the world". He says he likes the book. It's a photography collection of children from various parts of the world who are in areas of war, etc.. He gave a copy of the book to GAKU-MC when he had his child.
    5. His type of favorite person. He says jokingly the question is someone who can give him a headache. Joking aside he thinks it's not important to list a specific type as a favorite. He also says it's easier for a woman to list characteristics, versus a man who he thinks are more embarrassed by having to do so. Then he points out the Italian ancestry in the questionnaire's wife (not sure why)
    6. Is there a difference between (passionate) love and (affectionate) love?. "I think love includes everything, but I think there are a lot more elements needed for love to lead to sex."
    7. What is it to love a person? "What is it? It can be said that it's an instinct, right? I think it's better to live and believe in your instincts."
    8. Is being friends only with the opposite sex possible? "I don't think so. Though it's fair if the friendship evolves into a more deep relationship. However it can also be said by that meaning that a friend of the opposite sex would be your wife right?"
    9. Did your point of view on your wife change after your child was born? He gives a very lengthy response, but when it comes down to it, pretty much he says if a person was a sweetheart from the beginning, then they are a mother from the beginning. He also says his music reflects his feelings.

    ap bank radio

  • Oricon poll

  • The song you want to listen to after getting up (in the morning):
    1. NEWS - Weeeek
    2. YUI - OH YEAH
    3. Mr.Children - wake me up!
    4. YUI - Laugh away
    5. HY - AM11:00

    The song that gives me courage (while pursuing a dream):

    1. ZARD - makenaide
    2. Mr.Children - Owarinaki Tabi
    3. Shuchishin
    4. Hikaru Genji - Yuuki 100%
    5. FUNKY MONKEY BABYS - chippoke na yuuki

    Oricon (credit to JPM's Kenshiro for link and Mr_Children for translating)

  • Ongakushi ga kakanaii J-pop hihyou Mr.Children [Takarajima SUGOI bunko]

  • The Treasure Island Company has released the newest edition of their J-pop music review on Mr.Children. The newest edition, released on May 20, 2008, includes reviews on the last 3 years since the last publication, which includes the HOME and B-SIDE album. 'Ongakushi ga kakanaii J-pop hihyou' is a J-pop music review magazine, which in Mr.Children's case, reviews all their musical releases. The reviewers consist of a writer, a music critic, a professor and a scholar. A previous edition edition of the magazine 'Ongakushi ga kakanaii J-pop hihyou 40Mr.Children [Koufuku no sagashi hou]' was released in 2005, and a review on Sakurai Kazutoshi titled, 'Ongakushi ga kakanaii J-pop hihyou 17 Sakurai Kazutoshi [Mr.Children]["Innocent World Taizen"]', was released in 2002. The latest edition can be purchased at Amazon.co.jp.



  • Mr.Children will once again be attending HIGHER GROUND 2008 on July 26, 2008. There is rumor still of an August appearance at Rock in Japan fes., but it has yet to be confirmed.

  • LRN2 Goods

  • Official t-shirts for LuckyRaccoon Night 2 have been revealed. Oversea fans may purchase a shirt through HMV.co.jp or Tower.jp (not up yet).

    Mr.Children official website

  • Concert appearances

  • Mr.Children's official website has been updated with 3 new concert appearances. The group will be playing at SETSTOCK '08 on July 27, 2008, RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2008 in EZO on August 16, 2008, and Ongaku to higetachi 2008 "ONE" on September 6, 2008.

  • New Mr.Children PV

  • Mr.Children is currently in the process of shooting a promotional video. It has been confirmed by those who happen to be in the area, that it is not the song Shounen. The confirmation that it was indeed Mr.Children shooting the new PV has been confirmed by many people including 'Sayo TV' Sayo Ishida.

    Mr.Children official website | Sayo Ishida official blog

  • New Mr.Children song to be performed at ap bank fes

  • Sakurai has been featured in the June issue of MUSIC magazine, where he stated Mr.Children will be performing a new song that will be included in their new album. He also stated fes performers this year have produced a new song, that will reflect the 4 years since ap bank fes has started. In addition the rest of the performers have been announced. Onitsuka Chihiro, Yuzu, Imawano Kiyoshiro will be joining this years fes.

    MUSICA 07/08 issue | ap bank fes official website

  • ap bank fes to introduce carbon offsetting

  • Ap bank fes will be the first Japanese large-scale outdoors act in history to counterbalance carbon dioxide (CO2) by contracting with a Laotian brewery to buy carbon offsets. When 81,000 visitors are expected to arrive this year, they along with the transportation they took will be calculated for CO2 emissions, and those numbers will be used to purchase carbon offsets. The concert itself is powered via electric through natural energy.


  • ap bank fes performers and messages released

  • Ap bank fes '08 has released the official list of performers that will appear at ap abank fes '08. The artist list is the same as listed below. In addition the website was also updated with an official message from Sakurai. In the message Sakurai speaks about the concept of happiness and how "it isn't absolute" and refers to Buddha in regards to desire and escaping from pain. He also says he is making some sort of sunshine doll to hopefully bring an omen for good weather.

    ap bank official website -message-

  • ap bank fes performer(s) to be announced

  • On the May 3, 2008 airing of 'ap bank radio THE LAST WAVE' it was announced by Sakurai that the performer(s) for this years ap bank fes '08 will be announced on Thursday May 8, 2008. It was not stated whether or not the entire performer list would be announced or just some. It was also reported that during the show, it took a serious tone for a moment as Sakurai spoke about his "definition of happiness".

    According to people who have received the May 8, 2008 issue of PIA magazine, the artist list is (please note this list is currently NOT verified by an official source):

    7/19 - 7/21

    Ohashi Takuya
    Hitoto Yo

    Kazumasa Oda
    Nakamura Ataru
    Hirose Komi
    the pillows

    Hirahara Ayaka
    My Little Lover

    ap bank radio! official website | fans who have read the 05/08 issue of PIA

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