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   PATi PATi - 05/07 issue -

  • Notes from PATi PATi 05/07 issue:
  • Mr.Children announced they had recorded a new song, but did not say whether or not they would perform it during the HOME tour, or what the name of the song was.
  • Mr. Fujishiro, who did the photoshoot for this issue, said Jen had an infectious smile.
  • When they first debuted they went on a radio show and didn't know what to say. The DJ of the show was very mad at them because of this.... but they were so nervous they didn't know what to do.
  • The HERO guy named Jake is suppose to be Tahara (doesn't look like him to me though)
  • Sakurai has recently come to like radio interviews in part due to his Bank Band activities. He must interact and talk with guests, so it's helped him.
  • B-SIDE is suppose to cater to fans who liked HOME. It's suppose to be a coupling album
  • There's been a rumor of sorts that during Sakurai's amataur years during the early 1990s, he performed live in polka-dotted pajamas. However Sakurai INSISTS it was NOT a polka-dotted pajama, but it was a shirt! The shirt in question (Sakurai is third from left):