8th original album
Release date: 09/08/1999

Title for album comes from the 1 out of 42 places the 1999 DISCOVERY TOUR took place at. All 18 songs were recorded on June 16th, 1999 at the Makomanai ice arena. The bonus track 'Dakishimetai', was recorded at Okinawa Ginowan-shi seaside park. The album is limited to 500,000 copies, but due to ORICON'S conversion scale factor used, the number is 60,000 copies more then what was actually made.

Disc One
2. Undershirt
3. Na mo naki uta
4. Prism
5. Everything (It's you)
6. I'LL BE
7. Hana -memento mori-
8. Simple

Disc Two
9. Love Connection
10. Dance Dance Dance
11. Nishi e higashi e
12. La La La
13. Tomorrow never knows
14. Owari naki tabi
15. Hikari no sasu hou he
16. innocent world
17. Image
BONUS: Dakishimetai

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