6th original album
Release date: 03/05/1997

1. Prologue
Instrumental track that is connected to the second track.

2. Everything (It's you)
Used as the promotional theme song to the Japanese drama 'Koi no Bakansu'. Is connected to the first track. Could be considered the album version, since the single version didn't have the prologue.

3. Time Machine ni notte
A song with the theme of social critizism. In the lyrics, "Ame nimomakezu" a novel by Kenji Miyazawa is mentioned. While working on this album Kazutoshi became sick and watched a program about the Japanese author. "Good works remain good, even if out of date". Temporary title was 'baka ・rokku'

4. Brandnew my Lover
The line "Kuchi no kikikata mo shiranai komusume" come from a trip Kazutoshi Sakurai took on the way from Hiroshima airport to Hiroshima city. "It was snowing. The windows of the car were frosted, so on the way to the hotel, since I was bored, I wrote lyrics on the windows of the car. These lyrics mean that they (young people) don't know how to talk to older people. I don't mean that it's very bad not to know how to talk to your elders, but I mean that because of this ignorance, they're more attractive".

5. [es] ~Theme of es~
8th single and used to promote the movie ~"ES" Mr.Children in Film ~. Kazutoshi never saw the movie as he actually thought it was too commercial. In fact he regrets that it showed his private life. "The only scene where I feel that that's the real me is the scene where I was drinking alcohol. At that time, I couldn't balance myself and the other me, the pop music star".

6. Seesaw Game ~Yuukan na Koi no Uta~
9th single. Up-tempo song in which Kazutoshi mimmicks singer Elvis Costello (he even admits to doing it).

7. Kasa no Shita no Kimi no Tsugu
Another song that criticizes society.

8. Alive
According to Kazutoshi he was quite "pinched" mentally when writting this song due to a private problem he was having.

9. Shiawase no Category
The idea behind this song comes from not wanting to live with compromises. In other words Kazutoshi has become confident enought with himself that he doesn't care. Could also be seen as a theme of divorce and remarriage.

10. Everybody Goes - Chitsujo no nai Gendai ni Drop Kick
7th single. Was originally suppose to be a b-side track on the 'Tomorrow never knows' single. It was also originally suppose to have a commercial tie-up but the company that wanted to use the song thought the lyrics were too "vulger".

11. Bolero
The idea behind this song was the theme of rebirth.

12. Tomorrow never knows (Remix)
6th single and used to promote the Japanese drama 'wakamono no subete'. The group wants this to be considered more as a bonus track. The reason it's called a remix was because the drums were recorded again.

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