7th original album
Release date: 02/03/1999

Was the first album from Mr.Children to exceed 1 hour of play time

Title track of the album.

02. Hikari no Sasugata e
16th single. The lyrics and composition to this song were written at the last minute in one day.

03. Prism
Coupling song on the ‘Owari naki tabi’ single. The lyrics to this song are dark compared to it’s a-side counterpart. The line in the lyrics “I gradually get good at lying to myself ” was born after Sakurai had an argument with Kobayashi. Temporary title for the song was ‘Sawao’. The title ‘prism’ comes from the impression of the song.

04. Under Shorts
Features the same “social satire” scoff that can be found in the BOLERO album

05. Nishi e Higashi e
14th single and used as the promotional song for the Japanese drama "kira kira hikaru". Some of the percussion in the song was done by Sakurai hitting his cheek. The song was also used as a ringtone melody for the Nippon Television Network show ‘Enka no joou’. The re-release of the song on the live album 1/42 features a different arrangement.

06. Simple
A gentle melody that has the characteristics of a love song, but not quite: "There is a day though that even this life is also meaningless".

07. I'll be
At 9 minutes long, it was released on both the album and then later as their 17th single. At Kobayashi’s suggestion, Sakurai was drinking (and ended up in a bit of a drunken state) while recording this song, When is came to recording the other members parts, Suzuki had a bit of difficulty playing the drum parts near the end of the song. The arrangement was then decided to be change, and that’s when the single version was born.

08. #2601
Was composed by Suzuki and Sakurai. The lyrics are intense: “With whom will you sleep this evening while being desperate?”. Actress Michelle Pfeiffer’s lips are mentioned in the lyrics also.

09. La La La
Temporary title was “Honyarara”. It is done a ‘Folk Song’ style. Was also released in the BEST OF album "Mr.Children 1996-2000".

10. Owarinaki Tabi
15th single and used to promote the show “naguru onna”. The song and the line “So don't want to imitate anybody, just want to remain yourself" comes from the idea of Sakurai not liking “such kinds of societies that follow popular social behavior or trends.” In his eyes, by giving into this then "the majority's always right, and the minority is in the wrong" and thus an individual never has a chance to grow into their own. Kobayashi also admitted that the title of the song was influenced by a Japanese title for a U2 song.

11. Image
A string ballad. Sakurai had strong feelings when writing this song: “The meaning of living”.

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