12th original album
Release date: 09/21/2005
CD cover art for I♥U was done by Kouki Tange as repayment for his movie Fastener being inspired by the song Fastener on I♥U

01. Worlds End
First PV that Tange Kouki directed.

Played with the idea of doing hard rock. A couple of songs were also having recording sessions around the time this song was being done. According to Kazutoshi Sakurai there was no time to make a demonstration tape, so only the code was written and then handed to everyone in the studio. A question is left by Sakurai: “Is the concept of I LOVE U and MONSTER the same thing? It is a monster if you badly interpret it with I LOVE U and cannot understand the true character of it. Feelings come from impulses. Love saves the world. Love causes war.”

03. Mirai
27th single and used as the promotional song for POCARI SWEAT in 2005-2006. In an interview with Saturday Storm, Kazutoshi Sakurai recalls a man who played in Inokashira-koen in Kichijoji. The lyrics to the song were in English, and Kazutoshi thought about singing an American Blues song in English too (which never ended up happening). However this is where the inspiration came for this song.

04. Bokura no Oto
Used as the promotional song for Nissin Cup-o'Noodles in 2006.

05. and I love you
27th single and used as the promotional song for Nissin Cup-o'Noodles in 2005. The original concept for this song came while making the album Q. The original lyrics to the song had “and I love you” being sung as just “I love you”. After the release of Cup-o'Noodles CM with ‘Bokura no oto’ as the music, Nissin was asked to re-air the “and I love you” version.

06. Kutsu Himo
A pop song that was conceptualized from a picture. A cellphone strap in the shape of shoelaces were sold as a tour good.

A ballad which name and lyrics come from the idea of when a person finds there are still bittersweet expectations; like candy (and hence the name).

08. Running High
The 27th single and used to promote the movie "Fly daddy Fly". In an interview with SWITCH Kazutoshi Sakurai confesses he was quite sick while they were recording this song and admits he was foolish to not have taken some time to get better, but he felt it was necessary to continue to make the album.

09. Sign
26th single and used as the promotional song for the TV drama "Orange Days". Was put after ‘Running high’, because the group felt it had a nice flow from one to the next. However according to Kazutoshi Sakurai, it only felt complete because “I felt happy that (the next track) went to 'Sign' after being so reckless with 'Running high'.”

10. Door
Was the temporary title for the album after being suggested by Suzuki Hideya. Kazutoshi Sakurai took a different approach to this song and decided to use the rooftop of the building to record it.

11. Tobe
Was originally going to be the main promotional track for the album until World’s End was created.

12. Hedatari
According to Kazutoshi Sakurai “I wanted to sing about a contraceptive device because they do not have a good image.” (He’s trying to say it’s almost like a taboo to talk about condoms). He also notes that the song can be viewed differently by men and women.

13. Sensui
Was going to be used in ‘Shifuku no oto’, but it didn’t fit with the rest of the album. According to Kazutoshi Sakurai, the song has slightly the same conscious as the song ‘Shinkai’.

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