9th original album
Release date: 09/27/2000

Temporary album titles: Stomach Love, Hallelujah


2. Sono Mukou he Ikou
Composition credit is given to Mr.Children not Kazutoshi Sakurai. All the band members sing the chorus in this song.

19th single and used as the theme song to the Fuji Television drama ‘Basu Sutoppu’. The title for the track comes from when one is surfing the internet and receives a ‘not found’ page (which is also where the idea of the words ‘not found’ comes from in the lyrics)

4. Slow Starter
Temporary title: ‘Jubi ken ・honoo no tema’

5. Surrender
Coupling song on the “I’LL BE” single. Is considered to be their darkest song ever. The voice of Suzuki Hideya can be heard faintly at the beginning (counting) in the album version of the track. The group has stopped playing this song after learning of people using it as the song to commit suicide to.

6. Tsuyogari
Kazutoshi Sakurai was reluctant to offer this song to be used as a theme song after Southern All Stars single ‘TSUNAMI’ had just come out. On April 4th 2007, the pillows released a cover of the song on their SCARECROW single.

7. 12gatsu no Central Park Blues
Influenced by the Rolling Stones and hence the “Dakota house” part mentioned in the lyrics.

8. Tomo to Coffee to Uso to Ibukuro
Is rumored to have been doing a little drinking prior to recording this song. Hence the slurring of the words here and there.

9. Road Movie

10. Everything is made from a dream
Temporary title was ‘Yama biko maachi’ and was used a promotional track for Biglobe’s ‘Mr.Children Alternative’ commercial.

11. Kichibue
18th single and last song released on a 8cm single. Kazutoshi’s “orange hair” he had in the PV was not a favorite among women and they received complaints. The silhouette figure of the person on a swing on the CD cover is Kenichi Tahara.

12. Hallelujah
This song was done in their indie days. The song was suppose to be the coupling song on the ‘I’ll Be’ single, but the group thought the song was too well-made for it and thus ‘surrender’ was used. One of the temporary titles for the album’s name was this track.

13. Yasurageru Basho
Has a personal meaning to Kazutoshi Sakurai.

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