Atomic Heart
4th original album
Release date: 09/01/1994

The last album to contain TOY’S FACTORY’S old logo. The first press version of the album had the album in a blue case. The inspiration for the title of this album was taken from PINK FLOYD’s album ‘Atom Heart Mother’.

1. Printing
Instrumental track that is usually performed live with ‘Dance Dance Dance’.

2. Dance Dance Dance
Was recorded while the band was doing concerts. Temporary title was ‘Hiyokono budoukan’

3. Love Connection
B-side track to the ‘Tomorrow never knows’ single. Contains “erotic like” lyrics, with the composition being inspired by the Rolling Stones.

4. innocent world
5th single and used to promote Aquaerius 'Ioshisu'. The first song to reveal the inner feelings of vocalist Kazutoshi Sakurai, at the proposal of producer Takeshi Kobayahi. Originally was suppose to be a love song like ‘Replay’. The single also won The Japan Record Grand Prix in 1994, but the group declined to attend the event.

5. Classmate
B-side track to the single ‘everybody goes -chitsujo no nai gendai ni drop-kick-‘ and contains the old style of lyric writing Kazutoshi Sakurai used.

4th single and used to promote the Japanese drama 'Wakamono dousoukai'. This was the single that brought the group into the mainstream spotlight.

7. Jealousy

8. Asia
Music (composition) written by drummer Hideya Suzuki. The demo tape for the song was sung by Suzuki, with lyrics about a street called ‘Asia’.

9. Rain
An instrumental track that is a recording of a rainstorm

10. Ame nochi hare
Was originally going to be sung by drummer Hideya Suzuki at the request of Kazutoshi Sakurai. The remix of the song can be found on the 【es】~Theme of es~ single. At 9 minutes long, it’s the longest song by the group.

11. Round About ~kodoku no shouzou~
Lyrics about “mental uneasiness” and loneliness. The song was also recorded on the ‘LAND IN ASIA’ album.

12. Over
A break-up love song.

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