Release date: 05/10/2007

Compilation album that celebrates Mr.Children 15th Anniversary debut on May 10, 2007. Vocalist Sakurai Kazutoshi did hand written commentary notes for each track on the album. The album will place songs in chronological order that have been collected in various singles as coupling songs. This work called "B-SIDE" was suggested by Sakurai during the recording of the newest original album 'HOME' around last summer. Another Story, 'Motto', 'Yawarakai kaze', and 'Anmari oboetenai ya' which are on 'HOME', were songs that Sakurai had written as potential coupling songs for the Shirushi single. That natural feeling and the desire that arose in nonchalant daily life were questioned with “What is a coupling?” from the group. Doubt was born. Some of these old songs would be listened to again, and we would find ourselves saying “it’s also a favorite song!” And thus from the latest album HOME, the B-SIDE was created.

After a certain time, their title tracks started to dictate an overall "theme" on how there should be a "Mr.Children and their meaning in music” feeling (that someone should have on themselves), and there has always been an expectation of "a change from previous work" and "the role they play as Mr.Children" that has been expected by many music fans. Their works have been raised to their own stage while receiving high literary evaluation and an artistry evaluation. However, Mr.Children keeps challenging themselves by always continuing to fight on the stage which pushes up on their back, and to accomplish their roles as a musician up to the present, which they feel to be compensation for the commercial success they have received. A lot of the feelings and desires which have shaped them come from these coupling songs.

Disc One
1. Kimi no koto igai wa nani mo kangaerarenai
2. my confidence song
3. Ame nochi hare -remix Version-
4. Fragile
5. Mata aeru kana
6. Love is Blindness
7. Tabibito
8. Derumo
9. Hitori goto
10. Heavenly kiss
BONUS: Nishi e higashi e -EAST Remix-

Disc Two
11. 1999 Nen, Natsu, Okinawa
12. Hana
13. Sayonara 2001 nen
14. I'm sorry
15. Mousou mangetsu
16. Konna fuu ni hidoku mushiatsui hi
17. Hokorobi
18. my sweet heart
19. Hibiki
20. Kurumi - for the Film - Koufuku na Shokutaku
BONUS: Nishi e Higashi e -WEST Remix-

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