13th original album
Release date: 03/14/2007
First press comes with a bonus documentary DVD on the making of 'HOME'

Sakurai: The title of “HOME MADE” or “Home ground” or such feeling was imaged at first because I wanted to say it’s an album by which the body temperature of a person is felt, where you can say it was made by hand. However, there was a feeling that it would be limited by this, and so “HOME” was finally decided.

Kazutoshi Sakurai, vocalist that handles words/music/song, talked about the reason to decide the title of this album in this manner. Now since it becomes Mr.Children’s 13th original album in an interval of one and a half years since the former work, the title of this work is "HOME". HOME WORK which shows homework, HOME MADE with a sense of being homemade, HOME GROUND which points to a home base, HOME IN with a meaning of returning, and the household which is the original meaning, family and home... which shows a place to return. Various words are applied around it, and behind that, bring various shades of meaning to every case and this word. However, it is a fact strongly to feel that all of these become one atmosphere somehow. Yes, it makes that peculiar atmosphere that has a feeling of a life that warmly comes to mind in every language.


01. Sakebi Inori
An overture track that starts the album off. It’s the first introduction overture track used on an original album by them in 5 years. The coupling track for this song is ‘Poketto Kasutanetto’.

An up tempo number with campaign song-like lyrics.

03. Irodori
First played at ap bank fes. ’06 and was used for the Olympus digital single-lens reflex camera "E-410" commercial in April and May 2007. It is the main track of the album and most of the other songs on the album were created one after another after this song was done.

04. Houkiboshi
28th single and theme song to TOYOTA”s ‘Till open TOBIRA’ promotional campaign in June 2006. Another version of this song called ‘innocent reborn’ (named inspired by "innocent world" and the word "revival") was created according to the group, but was replaced by ‘irodori’ as its song arrangement was preferred.

05. Another Story
A medium tempo song that is also Suzuki Hideya’s favorite song. The bass in 'kutsu himo’ (shoelace) inspired this songs bass work, and was thus decided to be titled ‘Another Story’. The song was also a coupling song candidate for the single 'Shirushi'.

Originally suppose to be an introduction song for ‘my sweet heart’ on ‘houkiboshi’. Jazz is the main influence of the song, and because the piano was the instrument used the most it was decided to call the tune PIANO MAN

07. Motto
Was created from the events of 9/11. The song was a candidate to be put on the album 'IT’S A WONDERFUL WORLD' five years ago, but was decided not to be included. A flute is used as the accompaniment for the track. The lyrics are based on ‘a place of sorrow’ that is left at ground zero. Suggested to be a coupling song for the single ‘Shirushi' by their manager, Kazutoshi Sakurai re-listened to it and decided to re-record it for HOME.

08. Yawarakai Kaze
Gentle lyrics and melody. Originally a coupling song candidate for the single 'Shirushi'.

09. FAKE
30th single and used as the theme song for the movie DORORO in January 2007. The single was limited to 400,000 copies. Could be considered the album version of FAKE as the instrumental remix that was an extension of the single version is not included here.

10. Poketto Kasutanetto
A slow starting song that picks up speed halfway through. Originally only suppose to be a melody, but lyrics were later added.

A mid tempo song that Kazutoshi Sakurai played many times to fix a compositional flow problem it had. This song is Kenichi Tahara’s favorite.

12. Shirushi
29th single and used as the theme song to Nippon Televsions drama ‘14 sai no haha’. Was able to regain a #1 position after being out for two months already

13. Toori Ame
Was created while working on I LOVE U, but was never recorded

14. Anmari oboetenai ya
Kazutoshi Sakurai’s favorite song. In an interview he said he cried while writing the lyrics in his notebook on a subway. Drummer Suzuki Hideya and producer Takeshi Kobayashi both ended up crying too while performing the song. The song is dedicated to Kazutoshi Sakurai’s father and was a candidate coupling song for the single 'Shirushi'.

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