Shifuku no oto
11th original album
Release date: 04/07/2004
First press comes with a bonus documentary DVD on the making of 'Shifuku no oto'

Temporary album title: Comet

1. Iwasete mitee monda
“When first making this song, it seemed slightly blues looking. I would sing, go home, and ask myself why the recording didn’t feel satisfactory. I thought to myself maybe I need to take more notes on expectations when composing a piece of music. Gradually, it (the song) was becoming ‘paralyzed’. ‘An important thing,…’ I think I wanted to say here with this album. So I decided to take advantage of this ‘helpless’ situation.” – From Kazutoshi Sakurai on the radio show Saturday Storm. The temporary title for this song was ‘Mi kara deta sabi’.

Used as the promotional song for NTT FOMA900i commercials. Sakurai compares the song to surfing. “The solution isn’t important, but the process to get there is. You may not be able to ride on the waves, but keep paddling.” The temporary title for this song was ‘Honno tsukanoma’.

3. Tenohira
25th single. “The song which I had trouble with recording the most. The song which I had in my mind to be done by the band and make... The lyrics to this song were made quite noisy with Mr. Kobayashi.” – From Kazutoshi Sakurai on the radio show Saturday Storm.

4. Kurumi
25th single. The story is non-fiction. The song was also re-recorded for the November 2006 release of their ‘Shirushi’ single (track titled 'Kurumi ~for the Film Koufuku na Shokutaku~').

5. Hanakotoba
A soft song in which the lyrics "cosmos no hanakotoba" refer to the naivete of young women, entering society. Temporary title was ‘Hanakotoba’ spelt はなことば.

6. Pink ~kimyou na Yume~
“I come into the world of a fiction suddenly. The recording was done on a day when the weather was good. About this song though… somehow the lyrics wouldn’t come to me, so I would go to the roof of the building and take a break. When I returned to the studio, I entered a dark place suddenly from a place of light…. doesn’t everything become a white haze? The words came to me from there… that sudden change between the beautiful outdoors and the dark indoors” - From Kazutoshi Sakurai in B-PASS mgazine

7. Chi no kuda
Song was originally composed by Kazutoshi Sakurai using a oboe

8. Karakaze no kaerimichi
Suppose to be a coupling song on HERO. The song was written through the eyes of a story-teller and is not based on fact.

9. Any
23rd single and used as the promotional song for NTT DoCoMo commercials. Promotional activities were not able to be done for this song due to Kazutoshi Sakurai being in the hospital. "The "twelve colored heart" line in this song just happens to fit nicely with the fact this album has 12 songs. The 12 originally came from the fact that a keyboard is made out of 12 sounds." - From Kazutoshi Sakurai in WHAT'S IN magazine

10. Tencho bus
An elusive song. The composition was developed fairly fast and shows that “I’m not dead” and that Kazutoshi Sakurai is going to live on.

11. Tagatame
Used as a promotional song for the Aichi World Exposition and as a commercial for the "NO BORDER" series of Nissin’s Cup-o'Noodles in 2005. Wasn’t turned into a single release (even though Kazutoshi Sakurai wanted it to be), but was given special treatment. Was only performed once live on News 23. The original title for this song was ‘PAPPAPA”.

12. HERO
24th single and used as a promotional song for NTT DoCoMo commercials. "We had decided that this song would come after "Tagatame" no matter what. This huge prayer to the world that is sung about in 'Tagatame' turns out to be quite personal if you listen to the two songs in succession. The vision is of how small one person is but how big their dreams can be. If these two concepts can be related to one another through these two songs, my goal is accomplished. " – From Kazutoshi Sakurai in WHAT'S IN magazine

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