5th original album
Release date: 06/24/1996

This album was produced in New York at the end of December in 1995 through the beginning of April in 1996

1. Dive
Introduction song to the second track 'Coelacanth'

2. Coelacanth

3. Tegami
"In this song (Tegami), I didn't sing this song without some emotional involvement; it would be callous. Of course break-ups are sad. When I sing this song, I sing it with the anticipation of something strange created from the culture of human civilization. So if I can deliver this message to my listeners, I'd be happy."

4. Arifureta Love Story ~Danjomondai ha Itsumo Mendou da~
Kazutoshi confesses he was able to write this song quite easily. While the band played the music in the studio and arranged it, he wrote the lyrics to this song. According to him, all love stories "are the same"

5. Mirror
KAN's song 'Marui wo shiri ga yurusenai' ("I can't take round hips anymore") influenced this song. "The poem was about when I was a teenager, and I heard an argument. It was my friend who was saying how the word 'rock' is meaningless in Japan. I heard this argument all night. Finally, I came to the conclusion, something that still holds in my mind, that it's neither rock nor pop, but a woman's hip. So from that idea, this song was created".

6. Making songs
Several songs from demo tapes that were sliced together to form this one track

7. Namonaki uta
10th single and used to promote the Japanese drama 'Pure' and used as the 'Airial' commercial promotional song. Was the song that Kazutoshi spent the least time on and thus he was quite surprised that it became such a hit.

8. So let's get truth
A song that criticizes Japanese society and the writter himself (Kazutoshi)

9. Rinji news

10. Machine gun wo buppanase
12th single.

11. Yurikago no aru oka kara
Is connected to 'Machine gun wo buppanase' on the album

12. Toriko
The line 'Yasashisa ni uete mieru no wa tabun. Hikutsu na kako no handou' comes from the idea of a woman who sleeps around, hangs onto and is always looking for guys, but "this one guy likes this woman because he thinks the woman had hard times lacking love, so now in order to make up for that hole in her past, she plays the love game".

13. Hana -memento mori-
11th single. In the song there is a line 'Warawareru noni mo nareta', that Kazutoshi gets laughed at about. However he doesn't care if it's something he strongly believes in. But if people say something about something that he never cared about or never realized, his feelings get hurt (like making fun of the way he dresses).

14. Shinkai
The lyrics are uncomfortable for Kazutoshi to hear. At the time he didn't realize how close the lyrics are to his true self.

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