10th original album
Release date: 05/10/2002

Temporary album title: BLUE TO BLUE

Was originally suppose to be an introduction melody for ‘Sosei’, but was decided to be extended and made into it’s own track.

2. Sosei
Used as a promotional song for ASAHI SOFT DRINKS "WONDA". Demo tape was recorded in a hotel. A positive message that "a person can be reborn again and again" shows in this album and the idea was inspired by a speech from actor Richard Gere.

3. Dear wonderful world
Originally just one track (It’s a wonderful world), but was split into it’s own little mini track after producer Kobayashi decided there needed to be a bridge between ‘Sosei’ and ‘one two three’. It was recorded at the last minute

4. one two three
Title of the song is based on famous words by Antonio Inoki, and the song ends with him talking. Was going to have a PV but it didn’t work out.

5. Kawaita kiss
Song was made in November 2000. Kazutoshi Sakurai had trouble with the last phrase of the song. “When I would sing it, I’d look back at Tahara and say ‘I did it better last time’.”

6. Youthful Days
21st single and used as the theme song for the drama “Anteiku ~seiyou kottou yougashi mise~”

7. Fastener
Kazutoshi Sakurai was eating some food, when he heard on a radio show some housewife talking about the Mask Rider Show and how it’s costume was cheesy looking. He then thought about Ultraman and his zipper and the concept of lying. Afterwards he went to the studio and recorded a demo tape. When Sakurai showed it to the group, Suzuki Hideya didn’t like it (he later blames it on a cold he had).

8. Bird Cage
Original title was ‘tooku’. The concept behind the song was two people who would separate in the future. According to Kazutoshi Sakurai a part slightly conscious of Suzuki Hideya is also in the lyrics. The song was 8 straight beats first, but changed during recording.

9. LOVE hajimemashita
Was used in a CM (that wasn’t popular) even though they used the song to also promote the album. Many people did not like the song due to the lyrics being a little too off center. The idea behind this song was to combine pop and grudge.

10. UFO
A track that didn’t need to be included but was decided to be.

11. Drawing
A coupling song on the ‘youthful days’ single. Even though it was a b-side track it was used as the theme song to the Nippon TV Drama ‘Koufuku no ouji’ two years after the release of the single. The demo tape for this song was made in Kazutoshi Sakurai’s room during the summer. In the demo, the sounds of a cricket chirping in the background can be heard.

12. Kimi ga Suki
22nd single and originally was not suppose to be a single, but while Fuji TV was picking ‘Youthful days’ as their theme song for “Anteiku ~seiyou kottou yougashi mise~” they asked about using this song too for the drama, so Mr.Children decided to release it as a single.

13. Itsudemo hohoemi wo
Was originally recorded using a mouth trumpet. An introduction was made in order to make the song sound more fictitious.

14. Yasashii uta
22nd single and used as a promotional song for ASAHI SOFT DRINKS "WONDA". Was originally recorded as an album version, but a single version was made instead. The album version can be heard in Bank Band’s cover of the song. A part of the PV related to the terrorism attacks of 9/11.

15. It’s a wonderful world
“I wanted to declare something at the end of the album” – Kazutoshi Sakurai. The title for the song was going to be ‘Minikuku mo utsukushi i sekai’ but Suzuki Hideya liked the title ‘Dear wonderful world’ (which later became the title for the spin off track of this song). Concept for the song came from wanting to make the future better for future children.

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