Released under the name 'THE WALLS':

DEMO TAPE 「Ticket」 (December 3, 1987) [Demo Tape]
  • Boys be Ambitious
  • Red Sky
  • Blue Day
  • Blue Age
  • God Bless You

    Released as 'Mr.Children':

    CBS/SONY Audition (December 1988) [Demo Tape]
  • LOST CHILD - was recorded while they were still calling themselves 'THE WALLS'

    Hello, I Love You (Demo Tape August 1989) [Demo Tape]
  • Kono Ame Agare
  • Berlin no Kabe
  • Chu Chu Chu
  • Kimi Dake no Ichi-nichi

    Soyokaze no Uta (May 1990) [Demo Tape]
  • Tom Sawyer no Uta
  • Mr. Sunshine
  • Oh My God
  • Kaze

  • MAGIC MELODIES ~TURN TO THE POP II~ (September 21, 1990) [Album Participation]
  • Disc One (Original side)
  • Disc Two (Cover side
  • 1. Mr. Tambourine Man

    19:00 Hatsu, X'mas Train ni Tobinore! (Live Demo Tape December 24, 1990) [Demo Tape]
  • Merry Merry Christmas
  • Jen's Christmas
  • Futsuka Okure no Christmas

    Mr.Children (Demo Tape July 07, 1991) [Demo Tape]
  • Kuruma no Naka de Kakurete Kiss wo Shiyou
  • Tomodachi no Mama-de

    Major Debut Chokuzen Tape (Demo Tape 1992) [Demo Tape]
  • Kimi no Koto Igai wa Nani mo Kangaerarenai
  • Tomodachi no Mama-de
  • Yurikago no Aru Oka Kara
  • Chikara ~Power~
  • Tom Sawyer no Uta (Live version)

    Other CDs

    Mr.Children SUPER BEST [CD+DVD] [Unofficial Release]
  • Collection of the first 19 singles

    名もなき詩 (Namonaki uta)
  • 8cm rare single version of the single that contains the same song but different lyrics

    Release Date: 01/02/1996
  • A best album which commemorated an Asian live broadcasting of Mr.Children and was sold limitedly in Hong Kong. The production of the album was immediately discontinued after contract and copyright disputes were made with the overseas record company.

    1. See-Saw Game ~yuukan na koi no uta~
    2. Tomorrow never knows
    3. Dance Dance Dance
    4. Love Connection
    5. Dakishimetai
    6. Ame nochi hare
    7. everybody goes -chitsujo no nai gendai ni drop-kick-
    8. 【es】 ~Theme of es~
    9. Round About ~kodoku no shouzou~
    10. Classmate
    11. CROSS ROAD
    12. innocent world

    SHEILA COUNTS 2・3・4 [Miscellaneous]
  • An LP that was a joke and recorded during the making of Shinkai
  • A scribble of a chicken like thing is drawn on the case
  • They used the artist name MR. CHICKEN