Name: 中川敬輔 [Nakagawa Keisuke]
Birthday: 1969.08.26
Birthplace: Nagasaki
Blood type: B
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 60 kg
Position: Bass and occasional back vocals

Favorite things:
horse racing
deep fried chicken

  • Nickname is "NAKAKE"
  • Is a calm, quiet person, but will often burst into laughter surprising some
  • Changes his hairstyle the most out of all the members
  • Fan of the Hanshin Tigers and horse races
  • Hates tomatoes and fermented soybeans but has recently (2006) learned to like them
  • Incidentally, if a sea urchin is from Hokkaido, he will eat it
  • Has a miniature dachshund for a pet
  • Went to the same junior high school and high school as Kenichi Tahara, and went to the same junior high as Suzuki
  • Met Sakurai in high school [as did Tahara]
  • Started learning how to play bass in junior high
  • Likes to go drinking after each tour
  • Likes Choi Yong Soo from South Korea's soccer team [he thinks he's a good player]
  • His type of girl is someone that can understand the feelings of a man who tries to charm his favorite girl

Other trvia:
Tahara and Nakagawa got together to start the band, Sakurai then joined, and then they needed a drummer so Sakurai and Tahara called Suzuki