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Mr.Children, commonly referred to as ‘Misuchiru’ (ミスチル), is a Japanese pop and rock band formed in 1987 by lead singer Kazutoshi Sakurai, guitarist Tahara Kenichi, bassist Nakagawa Keisuke, and drummer Suzuki Hideya. As a group they have become one of the most successful Japanese music artists, having created the ‘Misuchiru Penomenon’ (ミスチル現象) during the mid-1990s in Japan. Their musical accomplishments include selling over 50 million albums and singles, 29 consecutive #1 singles, record for the highest first week sales of a single in Japan with single ‘Namonaki Uta’ selling 1.2 million copies, becoming the all-male band (with 3 or more members) to have the most #1 album on the Oricon charts, and winning the Japan Record Award in 1994 for ‘innocent world’ and again in 2004 for ‘Sign’. As of 2009, Mr.Children have has published thirteen original studio albums, thirty-three singles, three compilation albums, one live album, and twelve home video releases. The band’s music is mainly composed and written by lead singer Kazutoshi Sakurai, with the exception of Hideya Suzuki-penned songs "Asia" and "#2601" from the albums ‘Atomic Heart’ and ‘Discovery’ and occasional collaborative song writing early on in the groups career with producer Kobayashi Takeshi.

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