4th single
Release date: 11/10/1993
Theme song to the Japanese drama 'Dousoukai'

The single reached #6 on the Oricon charts selling 1,255,940 copies during its run on the chart.(1) The title track, "Cross Road", was used to promote the Japanese drama Dousoukai (|同窓会) and was also included in Mr.Children's first compilation album, Mr.Children 1992-1995, released on July 11, 2001. The b-side "And I close to you" was included in Mr.Children's third album, versus, released on September 9, 1993. "Cross Road" has also been covered by other artists including Junko Yamamoto, who covered the song on her cover album Songs released on June 6, 2007(2) and made it's live DVD debut for the first time since its release on Mr.Children's Home TOUR 2007 ~in the field~ released on August 6, 2008.

2. and I close to you
3. CROSS ROAD (Instrumental Version)

- Notes -
Producer – Takeshi Kobayashi
Arrangement - Mr.Children and Takeshi Kobayashi
Lyrics - "CROSS ROAD" and "and I close to you" by Kazutoshi Sakurai
Music - "CROSS ROAD" by Kazutoshi Sakurai; "and I close to you" by Kazutoshi Sakurai and Takeshi Kobayashi

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