Yojiken - Four Dimensions -
27th single
Release date: 06/29/2005
Mirai - Promotional song for 'Pocari Sweat' commercial
and I love you - Promotional song for Nissin Cup Noodle 'NO BORDER' commericial
Running High - Theme song for the movie 'Fly, Daddy, Fly'
Yooidon - Promotional song for Fuji TV kodomo bangumi 'Ponkikkiizu Gachagachapon!'

"Yojiken - Four Dimensions -" is the twenty-seventh single released by Mr.Children. The single debuted at #1 on the Oricon single charts, managing to sell 925,632 copies during its run on the chart.(1) Each track carried it's own commercial tie-in with "Mirai" being used as the promotional song for the soft drink Pocari Sweat (ポカリスエット), "and I love you" used to promote Nissin Cup Noodle 'NO BORDER' (カップヌードル "NO BORDER) commercial campaign, "Running High" used as the theme song to the Japanese movie Fly, Daddy, Fly (フライ,ダディ,フライ), and "Yooidon" used as the promotional song for the Fuji TV children's show Ponkikkiizu Gachagachapon! (ポンキッキーズガチャガチャポン!). The single was released as an 'Enhanced CD' with the 'and I love you' PV being included.

The single was classified as an album by the Recording Industry Association of Japan, and went on to win 'Rock & Pop Album of the Year' at the 20th Annual Japan Gold Disc Awards.(2)

1. Mirai
2. and I love you
3. Running High
4. Yooidon
5. Yooidon (Instrumental)

- Notes -
Producer - Takeshi Kobayashi
Arrangement - Mr.Children and Takeshi Kobayashi
Lyrics - All lyrics by Kazutoshi Sakurai
Music - All music by Kazutoshi Sakurai
Saxophone - Takuo Yamamoto (for "Running High")
Trumpet - Kouji Nishimura (for "Running High")

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