29th single
Release date: 11/15/2006
Theme song to Japanese drama "14 Sai no Hana"

"Shirushi" reached #1 on the Oricon charts selling 740,080 copies during its run on the chart. The title track, "Shirushi", was used to promote the Japanese drama 14 Sai no Hana (14才の母) and was included on the group's album HOME released on March 14, 2007. The singles two b-side tracks, "Hibiki" and "Kurumi - for the Film- Koufuku na shokutaku" were both included on Mr.Children's compilation album B-SIDE, released May 10, 2007. The b-side song, Hibiki, had its own PV made to promote the album B-SIDE.

"Shirushi also won awards including 'The Best 10 Singles' at the 21st Annual Japan Gold Disc Awards(1) and 'Best Video Of The Year' and 'Best Group Video' at the 2007 SPACE SHOWER Music Video Awards(2). The song has also become a fan favorite with many voting it as a song they sympathize with(3) and as a song for Valentine's Day.(4)

1. Shirushi
2. Hibiki
3. Kurumi -for the Film- Koufuku na shokutaku

- Notes -
Producer - Mr.Children and Takeshi Kobayashi
Lyrics - All lyrics by Kazutoshi Sakurai
Music - All music by Kazutoshi Sakurai
Strings - Udai Shika Strings

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