Name: 鈴木英哉 [Suzuki Hideya]
Birthday: 1969.11.14
Birthplace: Tokyo
Blood type: A
Height: 175 cm
Weight: 64 kg
Martial Status: Single
Position: Drums & Backing Vocals

Favorite things:
Music x 3
drinking x 3
women x 3

  • Nickname is Jen
  • Is the leader of the band
  • Is the only single person in Mr.Children
  • Is the mood-setter of the band which is why he talks so much in TV interviews
  • Parents liked jazz. Jen would go to see a jazz drummer named Buddy when he was young
  • Came to be called Jen because he had a scooter called "Gemma of SUZUKI" when he was in junior high school student. A senior at his school who was in the baseball club, would make fun of him and his scooter and started him Gen.
  • When he was invited to join the band by Sakurai and Tahara, he told them to "Wait until the result comes back, since I received an audition now." The audition was for Yui Asaka's band.
  • Likes to collect guitars. He started with 2 guitars and bought them purely off of look.
  • Likes to buy unusual guitars
  • The green Gibson fire bird was his favorite during ku: era
  • Was pretty poor when he was young and borrowed money a lot. Of which he owed Sakurai 20,000 of 30,000 yen he has borrowed from people.
  • Used canned coffee to moisten his throat, and got Sakurai to bring in a canteen during practice
  • Everytime Jen goes on a radio program he seems to always be hungry.
  • This hunger is linked to the fact that he moves around alot (in addition to talking) during radio programs
  • His lower lip is supposedly thicker then his top lip
  • When he was little he was riding a tricycle on a slope, and had a traffic accident and injured his lip
  • Reportedly played some guitar in "Shishunki no Natsu" on the KIND OF LOVE album
  • Has a lemon tree in his room
  • Ate instant noodles together with Sakurai while recording abroad.
  • Is said to be odorless. Like even though he sweats like crazy, he does not smell.
  • Worked as an receptionist at an economy hotel when the group was getting ready to make their big debut