- Mr.Children trivia -

    • When releasing singles Kazutoshi Sakurai pays more attention to its production because the audience is required to listen to it on the radio and such. However with tracks in the albums, they can read the lyrics card, so it's not necessary for him to pronounce words clearly.
    • All Mr. Children songs are composed by Kazutoshi Sakurai and produced by Kobayashi Takeshi and/or Mr.Children, except for two songs composed by Suzuki Hideya (Asia (Eijia) from Atomic Heart and #2601 from DISCOVERY) in addition to various songs recorded early on in Mr.Children's career written or co-written by Kobayashi Takeshi.

    • Single 'Namonaki uta' is the fastest selling single in Japan's history, with first week sales at 1.2 million copies
    • Second best selling artist in Japan's history selling 50,635,000 albums and singles.
    • Were #1 on Oricon year-end charts for 1994 (innocent world) and in 1996 (Namonaki uta)
    • Won Japan Record Grand Prix in 1994 for 'innocent world' and again 10 years later for 'Sign'.
    • Million seller singles (as of 2009):
      1 - B'z (15 overall / 1 double million sellers)
      2 - Mr.Children (10 overall / 2 double million sellers)
      3 - Glay (6)
    • Million seller albums (as of 2009):
      1 - B'z (19)
      2 - Mr.Children (12)
      2 - Dreams Come True (10)
      4 - Yumi Matsutoya (9)
      4 - Zard (9)
    • Consecutive #1 hits (as of 2009):
      1 - B'z (41)
      2 - Mr.Children (29)
      3 - Kinki Kids (27)
      3 - Seiko Matsuda (24)
      5 - Hamasaki Ayumi (19)

    • Fans of Mr.Children include Shunsuke Nakamura, Utada Hikaru, kobukuro, BoA, BUMP OF CHICKEN, CHARA, Sukima Switch, REMIOROMEN, Southern All Stars, Tsuyoshi Domoto, Hirai Ken, Leah Dizon, PLANE, Mayuaya, BEAT CRUSADERS, SOFFet, Kanon of Antique Café, Yuusuke of Chimeido, ZZ, Kanade, MEG of High and Mighty Color, etc..
    • Production label is Oorong-Sha
    • Mr.Children is famous for not appearing in NHK's Kôhaku Utagassen. The reason they have not appeared on the show was a collective agreement on not wanting to "decide the winner by a song". In 2008 Mr.Children finally accepted NHK's request and appeared on the show.
    • They have stopped playing the song 'Surrender' in concerts due to some people committing suicide after listening to it. The song has depressing lyrics about the end of a love relationship.

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